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Integrating One-On-One Tutoring in your Course

Writing is a complex task, particularly writing in a second language. Advanced students in our classes have a variety of different backgrounds that impact their writing: some received limited formal writing instruction; others have not been successful writers in their first language; many struggle with dividing their attention between language, organization, and the formulation of original ideas. (more…)

Writing Tools: Using a Dictionary Effectively

We find that students either overuse or underuse dictionaries when they write. And oftentimes they go the easy route using Google translate. Some advanced language students can easily discern that a  Google translation is simply wrong. This is most likely the case when a student knows the appropriate word or expression but wants to double- check the accuracy or see the word in the context of a sentence.

In many other instances, however, when students are not familiar with the word or expression they are looking for, they blindly trust Google and end up with unidiomatic or nonsense  expressions, such as “driving a bike” or “he does not have all the cups in the cupboard.”

Going the easy Google Translate route might be the result of lack of experience with dictionary use …. (more…)

Adressing Writing Strategies

Students are oftentimes not aware of their writing strategies, whether they are effective or ineffective. They perceive writing as a class assignment they need to complete to earn a grade but not as a skill they need to develop as a college student and a life-long writer. Therefore, communicating to students that writing is a skill that they develop over several semesters, through repeated practice and the guidance of the instructor, might be the missing link for students to become more successful writers. (more…)